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Grounds Maintenance

Outsourcing isn’t always a bad idea! Contact Integrity Landscape, LLC for a competitive quote on mowing services, spring and fall cleanings services. In addition to offering quality service you won’t find anywhere else, Integrity Landscape, LLC makes it easy to pay with online bill payment and other payment options.

We offer the following services within our suburban Detroit coverage area:

  • Mowing: no matter how large or small your lawns may be we offer our clients complete lawn mowing services. There really is nothing like having freshly cut and well maintained lawns and edges; it will really add to your curb appeal. We have all the necessary equipment to keep your grass neat, tidy and green!
  • Fertilization: when you are dealing with a professional company like us here at Integrity Landscape, LLC, you can rest assured knowing that we have all the knowledge necessary on fertilizers to ensure that your lawns, gardens, shrubs etc are getting exactly the right type of fertilizer and at the right times of the year.
  • Irrigation: water is the most important element when it comes to having beautifully healthy looking lawns and landscapes. The best way to ensure that your property is getting the right amount of water at the right times of the day is to have an irrigation systems designed and installed. You will never have to water another thing on your property again. The irrigation system will be professionally installed for the needs of your landscapes and can be set on an automatic timer; so you can go on holidays knowing that your property will still be well-watered.
  • Core Aeration: this is one of the many different techniques that we use to give your lawns the boost that may need sometimes. By aerating your lawns we are encouraging nutrients, air and water to reach the sub soils by alleviating soil compaction. In turn you will establish stronger root systems and of course have a more luscious lawn.
  • Spring/Fall Cleanups: we offer complete Spring and Fall clean ups which means we will not only collect all of the leaves and other debris in your yards, but we will also remove it from your property as well.
  • Bush And Tree Trimming: when it comes to trimming your bushes and trees you may find that is a lot harder than you might think. It really is a good idea to seek the services of a professional maintenance company like us at Integrity Landscape, LLC because we have all of the right type of equipment that makes the job much more efficient all round. We also know where and when to trim and not cause any damage.
  • And More

We offer our grounds maintenance services to both residential and commercial clients who want to have their properties looking their best all year round. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep up with all of the tasks that go into having a beautiful and healthy looking lawn and landscaped areas. We also understand that property owners would rather be spending their free time doing the things that they really enjoy and not hours and hours in the garden.

One of our very experienced team members will come out to your property and assess the maintenance needs. We will then work with you to design a plan that will be both within your budget and keep the grounds looking neat and tidy and of course healthy. We have all of the knowledge, all of the tools and equipment and as much time as you need us in order to maintain your property.